Control Room Design for Critical Spaces

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Control Room Design

Our expert engineers and consultants design your control room project for maximum comfort and productivity for your operators. Likewise, efficient control room design is our business. Above all, we help design and build your control room based on budgetary needs and specifications.

Control Room Furniture Manufacturers

Data Center Resources distributes both the Inracks and Command Watch brands of control room furniture products and accessories. Subsequently, both brands are 100% US manufactured. We use high quality materials for custom design control rooms and critical facilities.

Control Room Design for Specialty Applications (SCADA & DCS)

Designing a control room for your specialty SCADA & DCS systems takes critical knowledge of the importance of human/machine interaction monitoring critical system. Furthermore, our designers have a high-level of understanding working within the critical monitoring environment.

SCADA Systems
The Supervisory control and data acquisitions (SCADA) control system uses computers and user interfaces for superior supervisory management. Generally used in process plants or machinery, operator engagement and alertness is critical when using the monitoring system. In particular, our experts establish standards and bring potential critical issues to attention. We solve control room problems by utilizing an integrated control room design approach.

DCS Systems
A distributed control system is computerized and usually used in process or plants with multiple control loops that require central operator supervisory control. As a result processes can be localized near the site and monitoring can be remote. Often used in high value, security priority, critical process industries, identifying gaps in control room design on the local and remote level result in increased security and fewer opportunities for failure.

On-Site Efficiency Consulting

There is no substitution for an on-site control room visit when retrofitting a control room or designing from new. Accordingly, our staff of trained professionals visits your site and makes recommendations for improvements with the following considerations:

– Traffic flow that increases distraction, stress, and fatigue

– Screen space that doesn’t allow for all needed data to be displayed

– Poor lighting which leads to misinformation and fatigue

– Noise which increases response time and decreases accuracy

– Poor operator adjacency which halts collaboration and information

– Improper sight-lines to displays, information and people

– Inactivity or stationary work that causes fatigue and health issues

Control Room Findings & Audit Studies

Detailed Control Room Observation
There are many important elements to consider when observing or designing a control room. Analyzing past, present and future use of the control room is part of the equation for a redesign or new build. In particular, when the opportunity is there, we interview operators and review our list of 100 analytical components to create a highly functional control room. We provide a detailed plan of actions that optimize the functionality of your control room.

Audit Study Findings
Our findings reports are an important tool and contain and abundance of detailed observations. As a result, your site is analyzed and compared against the top performing sites in your industry, in addition our recommendations comply with standard best practices. Above all, detailed design data is always used when making decisions as well as taking into account current needs and potential for future growth in the control room. Finally, rest assured that your control room design report gives you the necessary tools to create an ideal control room space.

Equipment, Space and Furniture Recommendations
Our audit consists of recommendations for consoles, desks, chairs, monitoring walls, collaboration devices, auxiliary equipment and complete room modifications. No matter the room size, we create a well designed control room space. We specialize in new-builds and retrofit room upgrades. Indeed, our process enables your operators to without distraction focus on their task at hand.

Training and Resources

We realize that not everyone is ready for or in need of a complete Control Room Design overhaul, therefore we have created a proprietary training tool called the CR Toolbox. Our primary focus is to improve your control room by targeting key problem areas: distractions, traffic, lighting, noise and fatigue. We’ll give you the information you need to:

• Identify problems in your control room
• Evaluate your control room’s unique challenges
• Implement changes for improvement

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Control Room Design
Control Room Design Objectives

Control Room Design Objectives

Improved Results

Properly designed and functioning control rooms provide increased efficiency and operator accuracy, resulting in lower operating costs and a safe working environment both inside and outside of the control room. These results show themselves both in terms of cost savings and in improved morale and reduced turnover and training.

Increased Safety

Safety is everyone’s number one objective in the control room, but safety concerns aren’t always clear. Spotting early issues before they become dangerous situations protects personnel, equipment, and productivity. By communicating clearly and staying focused, any control room can ensure the safety of operators, visitors, contractors and the general public.

Smarter Building

A well-designed control room is not by definition expensive to build. In fact, a room designed for a specific use rather than to a general standard will avoid unnecessary expense. Additionally, a flexible design which allows for future changes and expansion results in reduced build costs over the long term.

Protecting Investment

Large SCADA and DCS investments can be placed in jeopardy if the human element is not performing adequately. While most installations function without incident over 99% of the time, unplanned events do arise, and this is when people, equipment, and facilities are in the most jeopardy. By preventing damage, injury, and downtime, investments in a proper control room see a return in just a few moments.

Better HR Outcomes

The best environments help to attract and retain top performing operators, reducing costs associated with administration, hiring, and training. Employee longevity also enhances company culture and morale, creating an environment where top talent in all areas of operation will desire to work.