Console Accessories

Our console accessories can enhance and complete your console furniture solution. Additionally, we offer several types of adjustable monitor arms, task chairs, display stands and other products to compliment your critical facility installation.

Monitor Arms

A state of the art LCD mounting system for the Command Watch console line of critical facility products.

Slatwall Accessories

In particular, slatwall mountable accessories to keep binders, manuals and other important papers and items within your reach.

Task Lighting

Versatile slatwall mountable task lighting allows you to position the location and level of lighting to optimal needs of the operator.

7×24 Operator Seating

7X24 network operation task chairs are specifically intended for operators sitting for long periods of time within a critical facility environment.

Large Display Mounts

Large screen displays in particular integrate directly to or adjacent with your critical console furniture.

Pop-Up Power / Data / USB

Ensure that power, network and USB connections are above all, always within reach of operators