aisle containment cooling optimization
Cooling Optimization Maximize capacity, efficiency and performance in existing cooling infrastructures.
Data Center Resources specializes in maximizing power and cooling efficiency in critical data centers.

Our comprehensive line of data center products and services enables our customers to effectively power, cool and monitor their critical systems.

Additionally, DCR is a unique hybrid of a manufacturer and distributor. In fact our in-house proprietary products such as the Cool Shield aisle containment system for data centers and the Command Watch console furniture line are industry category leaders. We offer best of breed products to provide high quality integrated solutions.

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Data Center Resources specializes in maximizing power and cooling efficiency in critical data centers.

    Data Center Aisle Containment Solution

    The industry leading Cool Shield Aisle Containment Solution is a versatile, efficient, functional and cost effective data center aisle containment design. Our proprietary aluminum channels provides maximum flexibility to configure data center aisle containment. Altogether, we offer customized aisle containment solutions optimized for your unique data center site conditions.

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    Versatile Hot and Cold Aisle Containment

    NOC Control Room Console Furniture for Critical Facilities

    Data Center Resources manufactures NOC console furniture for control rooms and critical facilities. Our NOC control room furniture is optimized for intensive monitoring applications. Above all, we engineer for the 7×24 demands of critical monitoring facilities. We provide solutions for network operations centers and process control facilities. As a result, our rugged infrastructure with quality materials equals longevity and durability. Command Watch NOC consoles are modern, professional and provide exceptional ergonomics.

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    Data Center Monitoring

    We develop software specifically to manage and optimize critical data centers.
    Monitor power chain, cooling infrastructure, servers and other hardware with a simple visual interface. Threshold alerts allow for proactive response to issues before they reach critical status.

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    Our newest offering for power savings in the Data Center

    LED lighting tube for data centers


    – Up to 60% energy savings over fluorescent lighting
    – 3x greater lamp life versus fluorescent lighting
    – Superior light output
    – Negligible light depreciation over time
    – Lightweight, shatterproof designs
    – Easy installation (ballast ready and direct wire products available)
    – 100% recyclable
    – No mercury
    – Buy American Act (BAA) compliant available

    Power Management Solutions

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    Rack Power Distribution

    Rack power distribution units (PDU) in both vertical and horizontal form factors

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    Row Power Distribution

    Space-saving power distribution options for data centers enables easily delivered power from your UPS power supply to wherever needed.

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    UPS Systems

    UPS systems supply clean, continuous, uninterrupted power to connected equipment delivering superior power protection for today’s data centers.

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    Power Accessories

    Cords, cables and other accessories to help effiiciently distiribute power throughout the data center.

    datacenter flooring

    Data Center Flooring

    High performance access floor tiles for new and existing raised floor systems.

    • New Floor Systems for New Data Centers
    • Replacement Floor Tiles for Existing Data Centers
    • High-Flow Floor Tiles for Increased Airflow
    • Floor Grommets, Floor Tile Pulls
    • Underfloor Partitions

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    datacenter services

    Data Center Services

    Data Center Resources provides the following service solutions to support your mission-critical environments.

      • Project Management | Design and Installation | On Site Safety | Console Installation | Server Cabinet Installation | Containment Installation
      Battery Replacement | Cooling Audit | Demolition and Disposal | Data Center Cleaning | Construction Project Management

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