Blanking Panels

Blanking panels are the most simple and cost effective method for improving air flow efficiency in data center server racks. The use of blanking panels to fill unused “U” positions in rack or enclosure can dramatically isolate hot and cool air. Blanking panels keep cool air at the front of the server cabinet where servers intake air. Blanking panels are a relatively small financial investment. Blanking panels create an aesthetic improvement in data center design but also serve a purpose. An aisle of server racks that contain server holes will have trouble maintaining consistent temperature control. The only solution is to incorporate a blanking panel system to fill these gaps. Blanking panels can be easily installed, uninstalled or reconfigured by any data center technician using the simplest of tools.Data Center Resources produces in-house blanking panel products. Data Center Resources offers a variety of blanking panels from a variety of manufacturers for purchase online. Our blanking panels are produced by leaders in data center technology.