Cool Shield Aisle Containment for Critical Data Center Projects

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The Cool Shield aisle containment system consists of hundreds of components which have evolved over the course of helping hundreds of customers get the most out of their cooling infrastructures. As a result, every containment project is unique and presents new challenges which enable us to improve our design to extend the capabilities of the product line. Above all, the Cool Shield Channel is the heart of the system. In addition, the unique combination of threaded and slotted sides allows for the channel to be configured in seemingly endless ways. Accordingly, the Cool Shield channel design allows for great adaptability when mounting HAC (Hot Aisle Containment) or CAC (Cold Aisle Containment) systems to the ceiling, strut channel, support beams, cable trays, threaded rod, concrete ceiling or just about anything.

Data Center Aisle Containment Panels

Thermal Drop Ceiling Panels
Design for installing under water based fire suppression systems.

Fixed Vertical Panels
Cool Shield aisle containment fixed vertical panels are a very attractive and efficient method for managing the airflow in particular for hot aisle or cold aisle containment applications.

Sliding Vertical Panels
The Cool Shield sliding vertical panels design provides the exceptional sealing capabilities and similarly high aesthetics of a solid panel solution without restricting access to the cables behind the containment panels.

Containment Panel Walls
Clear containment panel walls, full or partial walls, simultaneously isolate a cold or hot aisle by filling gaps between or above enclosures.

Barrier Panels
Framed panels keep aisles contained when missing cabinets/rows. Specifically made to size cabinets, swap out as you add to rows.

Data Center Aisle Containment Doors

Strip Containment Doors
Overlapping vertical strips provide effective and efficient approach to sealing aisle entry way.

Deluxe Sliding Containment Door
Attractive and functional self-closing sliding door system – aisle entry ways.

Double Sliding Containment Door
Double sliding door system provides attractive and functional containment to aisle entry ways.

Single Sliding Containment Door
Self-closing sliding door system provides attractive and cost-effective containment to aisle entry ways.

Double Hinged Containment Doors
Self-closing hinged door system provides attractive and functional containment to aisle entry ways.

Single Hinged Containment Doors
Hinged door solution provides high performance and equally important superior aesthetics to your aisle entry ways.

Aisle Containment Data Center Flexible Strip Curtains

Flexible Strip Curtain Containment
Effective and efficient vertical strip curtains overlap, to separate data center aisle supply and exhaust air.

Strip Curtain Wall Containment
Create a cost effective floor to ceiling partition wall to separate active from inactive spaces in the data center.

NEW Cool Shield self supported Containment system.

The new self supported containment system from Cool Shield is ideal for installations without existing support from cabinets or an overhead ceiling. Furthermore, the self supported system is used for hot or cold aisle containment configurations. Most important, the  cornerstone of the self supported containment system is the heavy-duty Matrix vertical post which attaches the containment frame, doors and cable tray supports. The system is thus configured as fixed panel, sliding panel, ceiling panel or flexible strip containment. Moreover, posts also provide vertical support for hinged aisle entry doors.

• Eight-sided aluminum support post with eight threaded channels
• Support feet are secured to raised or slab floors
• Containment panels and strips meet NFPA 75 standards
• Heavy-duty brackets
• Available in silver, black or custom colors

A hot cold aisle containment system rendering

Cool Shield is the most flexible Aisle Containment system available.

A variety of flexible strips and solid panels used with the Cool Shield channel to create the aisle containment barrier. First, overlapping flexible strips used above server cabinets and in aisle entry ways. Furthermore, ASTM E84 Class A strips available for compliance with NFPA 75. Likewise, solid panels are used vertically from cabinet to ceiling or across the aisle to form a ceiling. Finally, our panels meet UL94, ASTM E84 Class A and FM 4910 ratings are available.

In addition to being highly functional and customizable, Cool Shield is extremely cost competitive compared to other aisle containment systems. As a result, high volume manufacturing of our exclusive designs for channel extrusions, brackets, gaskets and other accessories keeps our component costs low.